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Pastry Shop and Coffee Bar

Custom Orders

Custom orders have a special and more extensive flavor menu and require a minimum of 25 pies per flavor. Flavors currently on our retail menu require no minimum quantity.


Private Events

Enjoy a seamless experience, where your guests are invited to linger over an array of sumptuous food and drink in a sophisticated setting. Tailored packages are curated by our events coordinator, who will work closely with you to create the perfect evening.


Organizing a boardroom lunch or photo shoot? Let Sagrado Cafe take care of keeping the crew fed and hydrated. Prices include stylishly presented and ready-to-serve food and pastries, as well as a range of beverage options.

Our Story

The girl from Minas Gerais, who made a name for herself in Brazil with a chain of stores called Brigadeira, is now opening a new chapter in the history of gastronomic entrepreneurship in the USA.  

Taciana Kalili started it all back in 2010 with only one store in SP which rapidly grew into 13 different locations across the state, bringing a new concept of the most famous and beloved sweet in the country, the Brigadeiro.

It then became her own brand, gift and concept, attracting the attention of big players in the market like the well known brand CACAU SHOW that later partnered with her to only grow her brand bigger.

Taciana is now starting a new chapter in her life, bringing her sweet passion to Miami, the city where she has found the perfect setting to show case her talent. It has been two years since she has been involved the new project and now she is ready to announce the opening of her new baby, a Pastry shop and Coffee bar she has named SAGRADO.


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