Rosetta Bakery

Croissants, pastries, focaccias, bread and sandwiches filled with top quality Italian ingredients. Authentic
Italian coffee and cappuccino.

Top-Rated Italian Bakery in Miami

The best way to make new friends or surprise your family with a special dessert!

Order delicious focaccia to share with your friends during Aperitivo time or a special dessert to finish an amazing dinner.

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Rosetta Loves Art

Every year Rosetta creates a Limited Edition Cups Collection in partnership with one or more artists, and for a limited period of time these cups are available in all our stores. Every day cups changes and so does the arts, in this way our customers are tempted to collect all of them.

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Who is Rosetta?

Living next to a MILL, there was a time where bread was the only way to feed your family. Despite that, it was never enough.

Rosetta was the older sister of 5 young brothers, all living in a small and humble house in the Italian countryside. Back from endless workdays in the mill, she used to bring a special bread to be divided equally by all brothers home every day, to teach them the importance and joy from sharing and helping others.

Finally, one of the little brothers has grown up and decided to make a tribute to his childhood: thanks to a team of professionals his dream became reality and, as specifically requested, he was able to remain anonymous.


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