Dreamer Acai Juice Matcha

Dreamer Acai Juice Matcha is a Juice Bar in Miami Beach, FL

Acai Bowls,
Pressed Juices,

Acai Bowls

Dreamer Acai Juice Matcha specializes in creating incredible Acai bowls and smoothies that are sure to satisfy all your cravings for delicious, nutritious food. These specialty smoothies are superfoods, served in a bowl, with a variety of fresh fruit toppings that are loaded with all the things a healthy body needs while tasting fantastic. Visit us at Dreamer Acai Juice Matcha? today and check out all the ways we offer you for enjoying the great flavors and value of Acai bowls, fresh juices, coffees, and a lot more.


Pressed Juices

Dreamer Acai Juice Matcha makes sure that we have exactly what we need to quench your thirst with delicious pressed juices and fresh smoothies. Our high-end juice bar delivers smoothies, fresh juice and Acai bowls with a tremendous selection of fresh squeezed juices. Just swing by Dreamer Acai Juice Matcha today and we'll show you all the selections we offer for finding delicious and nutritious smoothies that are perfectly designed to satisfy your particular tastes.


Dreamer Acai Juice Matcha provides a tasty array of snacks and sandwiches at our combination acai bowl restaurant and juice bar. Along with all our delicious smoothies and incredibly packed Acai bowls, you can enjoy a surprising selection of fresh food inspired by the leading cafes that are the model for all our smoothies and juices. Visit us at Dreamer Acai Juice Matcha today and check out all the fresh sandwiches, pressed juices, and amenities we offer at our juice bar.

About Us

Welcome to Dreamer Acai Juice Matcha, your first, best destination for acai bowls and fresh sandwiches in Miami Beach, FL and the surrounding area. Our juice bar offers a complete range of fresh, healthy, delicious drinks and foods, ensuring that one simple visit fills you up and satisfies your taste buds while helping you keep to a healthy diet.

Our coffee shop offers fresh food and specialty pressed juices, coffee, acai bowls, as well as a complete selection of fresh squeezed juices and smoothies. But most importantly, we offer an incredible range of Acai bowls, delicious fresh fruit on top of a super-thick smoothie that is loaded with great taste and all-natural healthy fruit to start your day off right.

Dreamer Acai Juice Matcha has all the tools, fresh supplies, and expertise to satisfy all your cravings for tasteful, healthy, and fresh sandwiches, smoothies, and more all in one convenient place for one affordable price. Our juice bar proudly serves our community by bringing you tasty treats and healthy food inspired by fresh and healthy lifestyles. Contact Dreamer Acai Juice Matcha today and we'll give you a complete description of all our menu items and offers and you'll see why there's no finer destination for acai bowls and smoothies at great prices than Dreamer Acai Juice Matcha.


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