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“Serving the community for over 40 years”

Since 2001 both the Miami Beach and Pembroke Pines locations have been remodeled and expanded to better serve their growing clientele. The company continues to deliver the same quality products and services that Anibal envisioned when he opened his very first store. The cuisine is hand crafted with the same secret family recipes and cultural techniques brought from Argentina to create a truly authentic experience. Buenos Aires Bakery & Café continues to pride itself in using the freshest quality ingredients and always having your favorite item on hand morning, noon, or night.

Today’s Buenos Aires Bakery & Café


We are proud to offer authentic empanadas and facturas, Argentinian pastries, for wholesale use. Our empanadas and facturas are made fresh daily and frozen immediately to insure homemade quality and ultimate freshness. Our products can be easily transported and stored which makes them convenient to prepare, serve and sell at any venue, restaurant, or catered event. They can be ordered precooked or frozen. Simply pop your desired quantity in the fryer or oven and you have fresh empanadas at your disposal.


Buenos Aires Bakery & Cafe is happy to provide you with a wide range of catering options for any of your events, parties or celebrations. Below are a few of our more popular items. If you have specific needs or questions please call us and one of our associates will be more then happy to assist you.

Our Story



The story of our families journey.

How We Started                                 In 1968, Buenos Aires Bakery & Café Owner, Anibal Costanso, left Argentina for the United States to work as a baker for Ebinger’s Bakery in Brooklyn, New York. He did not speak English and had never been outside of his home country of Argentina. However, this did not deter him. He quickly rose to management in the company and soon developed aspirations to start a business of his own. As a result of his tireless work ethic and commitment to perfection, this idea soon become a reality. After only 4 short years, Anibal Costanso became a business owner.

In 1972, he and his wife Edith, opened the doors to El Molino Argentina in Queens, New York. Together they worked alongside their young daughters, Monika and Gabriella, to create one of the most respected bakeries in Queens. After a decade of operation in New York, missing Argentina, he and his family chose to close El Molino Argentino and move back to Buenos Aires. This hiatus was short lived and in 1985 Anibal and his family moved back to Queens to open the doors to a new business that has been a part of their lives ever since.

Buenos Aires Bakery is Born
The family’s new store, located in Jackson Heights, was called Buenos Aires Bakery. They worked together once again to bring authentic Argentinian cuisine to the United States. Each day the family continued to enhance the store, expanding their product line and clientele. After 7 years of successful business in Queens, Anibal was in search of a new venture.
In 1992 he decided to open a new store in South Florida. He and his family relocated to develop the business on 37th Ave and Flagler Street in the heart of Western Miami. The move to Miami came with a growing family and increased interest to expand the business once again. Buenos Aires Bakery called the Flagler location home until 2001.

Creating a Café
After searching South Florida for a larger ideal location, they came across a store front on 71st Street and Collins Avenue on Miami Beach, in the area known today as Pequeño Buenos Aires or “Little Buenos Aires”. This spot deemed to be the perfect location for the store to evolve from Buenos Aires Bakery to Buenos Aires Bakery & Café. The addition of Café to the name not only included a wider variety of products for the public to enjoy, but it also included a complete remodel of their store design and brand. Originally, the bakery that offered a quick service counter for a cup of coffee or an artisan empanada now had a complete indoor and outdoor dining space for their customers to sit and enjoy the ambience.
This new business concept quickly flourished and led to the addition of a second South Florida location eight months after. Buenos Aires Bakery & Café opened its doors once again in Pembroke Pines, on the corner of Flamingo Road and Sheridan Street, as a replica of the Miami Beach store offering the same authentic menu and cultural experience.


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