The Hideout Café

The Hideout Café

The Hideout Café by Team Vinchay

Experimental cafe

Community Focused

We give back and support our local community through local collaborations and events.

As we are an experimental cafe, our menu evolves and we love to create new dishes from our supply of fresh ingredients. When you swing by, let us know if you’d like to change anything to better suit your pallet for that day and we’ll make it happen!


We aspire to encourage re-using packaging and limiting the amount of waste we produce.


We take great pride in listening and catering to the needs of each person that walks in to visit us.

About Us

The Hideout Cafe was designed as a base for our community activities & to showcase the practical application of healthy eating, drinking and lifestyle habits. We’ve designed the space to look and feel like a residential living room and kitchen with the hope that everyone feels “at home” and most comfortable. Conversations about new ideas, new friendships and unique experiences have become common over a fresh cup of coffee or an afternoon snack. We’re proud to say that all of our food and drinks are crafted from individuals and local businesses that we personally know and trust to uphold the high quality and attention to detail that we do. We are happy to accommodate all types of lifestyles, and serve up options for plant-based vegans and non-vegans alike (so you can bring your vegan and non-vegan friends to enjoy together!).


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