Pinecrest Bakery

Pinecrest Bakery

Cuban American bakery

Over Millions of Pastelito Sold Since 2012.

"Bite into Tradition" with Joel as the bakery expert and Efrain as the logistics guru, two families merged as the P-Team. Growing up in the Little Havana area of South Miami, our families have a modern twist on Cuban tradition, and we aim to serve you with authentic Cuban Food 24 Hours.


Custom Speciality Cakes

We aim to make your dream cake a reality!

You Know Us As A Bakery, Now Try Us As A Restaurant

Pinecrest Bakery Restaurants is a modern menu of classic Cuban and American comfort dishes such as steaks and burgers, and European paella, salteado, and pizzas. The store in North Miami features occasional live entertainment, while the North Bay location is neighboring a carwash for a bar lunch experience.

About Us

Our first store was in Pinecrest, and with great excitement from the community, we began to open more locations around South Florida. Our P-Team including staff operating 24 hours, management, and administration aims to spread an upscale and very Miami cuban experience with generous portions and homestyle food to Florida and beyond.


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