Flavorish Bakery

Flavorish Bakery

Coffee Shop & Bistro


At flavorish we live a culture of sharing what we do best: Our Croissants, Our handmade Cafes made by our Baristas, Our daily meals: Salads-Tortillas-Pan de Bono-and much more.


Bakery and coffee shop with an amazing breakfast and brunch menu

And this is how we work daily to offer our customers the best pastries in town, with passion and off course as we say always our secret ingredient is LOVE! ...We have a passion with baking, we want to offer our customers fresh artisanal pastries. To achieve our goal we work with a team that not only have the skills, but shares our love and passion for what we do.

Our Story

Established in 2014.

Flavorish: a group of passionate about homemade food. Some time ago we decided to share the wonderful experience of being a reference in the art of eating well. We know that you can. Food is a part of our life. That's why every day, since we started, we build gourmet experiences in each elaboration of our dishes. We have a premise: In Flavorish everything we do, we do it with passion and with love. Our proposal is "all homemade". The recipes that come out of our kitchen are made with carefully selected raw materials. We feel that the best way to express what we do is through the wonderful experience of feeding people. It's simple: We give people things that are rich and homemade and that make them feel at home.


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