Miami Vice Drink

Miami Vice Drink

Juicy strawberries, and tangy pineapple come together in this easy cocktail. Why choose one when you can have both!

This Miami Vice Cocktail is a great drink to make for BBQs, and entertaining events. It looks impressive, and tastes like a topical paradise.

This frozen drink part strawberry daiquiri and part pina colada. You get the sweet tastes of juicy strawberries, with the tang of pineapple, and the creaminess of coconut. Perfection!

The bright red and white layers also make this drink tastes as good as it looks! Don’t let its swirled appearance fool you though, it is really easy to make! Even if you’ve never seen a simple episode of the tv show this Miami Vice drink is a must try. I hope you’ll try it!


  • 2 Ounces Rum Divided
  • 2 Cups Ice Divided
  • 1 Cup Strawberries Hulled, and Roughly Chopped
  • 1 Ounce Lime Juice Freshly Squeezed
  • 2 Ounces Cream of Coconut
  • 2 Ounces Pineapple Juice
  • Pineapple Slices For Garnish, If Desired


  • In a blender, blend strawberries, lime juice, and rum. Pour into a glass and place in freezer.
  • Rinse out blender. Blend rum, pineapple juice, and cream of coconut.
  • Pour into glass, swirling if desired. Garnish with a slice of pineapple.

That looks really good! Will do for upcoming pool party. Thanks

- Miami Food Network -

  1. What Kind of Rum Should I Use?
    I prefer to use a white rum when I make this Miami Vice drink recipe. You can use any type of rum, but white rum is mild so it won’t take away from the strong flavors of this fruity drink. Avoid something like spiced rum that may over power the flavors.
  2. What is Cream of Coconut? To make coconut milk you combine coconut and water. The cream that comes to the top of the chilled coconut milk is the cream. It is then mixed with sugar. It is often used in drinks and ice cream because it has a creamy texture. You can use store bought or homemade cream of coconut in this recipe.
  3. Can I Make It Non Alcoholic? You sure can! Just leave out the rum in each layer. This is a great choice for those avoiding alcohol as it still has all the fruity flavors you love.


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